"Becoming" Self Love Set
"Becoming" Self Love Set
"Becoming" Self Love Set
"Becoming" Self Love Set

"Becoming" Self Love Set

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This set was curated to assist you on your journey of becoming your best self while encouraging love & acceptance at every stage of your healing process. You choose, set A or B! Items photographed are the exact items you will receive.     

Set A Features a flower agate moon with druzy pocket + clear acrylic stand included, 1 mini Smokey Quartz tower, 1 mini Satin Spar Selenite Stick, flashy Labradorite tumble, Amethyst tumble, & a piece of raw Rose Quartz.

Set B Features a beautiful Green & blue Flower Agate moon + clear acrylic stand, 1 mini Smokey Quartz tower, 1 mini Satin Spar Selenite Stick, flashy Labradorite tumble, Amethyst tumble, & a piece of raw Rose Quartz.

Metaphysical Properties:
☾❂ Flower Agate: stimulates the heart & root chakras. Works to dissolve inner tension, facilitates self reflection, inner strength & works to balance perceptions. Encourages self discovery & fosters inspiration. Reignites passion & purpose, purifies stagnant energy & negative self talk.
☾❂ Labradorite: stimulates Third eye, Throat & Crown Chakras. Encourages self expression, authenticity, confidence. Activates divine wisdom - enhancing intuition, attunes you to your highest self.
☾❂ Amethyst: stimulates Third eye & Crown Chakras. Activates spiritual awareness, deepens understanding of oneself facilitating cycles of rebirth & awakening. Encourages forward healing.
☾❂ Rose Quartz: Stimulates & stabilizes the Heart Chakra. Strengthens love in all aspects - self love, familial, romantic & friendships. Promotes transformation, compassion & works to renew your sense of self. Works to release any low vibrational energy such as those surrounding childhood trauma, childbirth, traumatic experiences in love & low self esteem.
☾❂ Smokey Quartz: stimulates Root & Solar plexus Chakras. Grounding & strengthening, brings clarity of mind & works to release feelings of bitterness/envy/anger.
☾❂ Selenite: High vibrational auric cleanser, connects with all Chakras. Dispels negative energy & has the potential to cleanse & charge other crystals.

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